Building castles
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Building Castells

20 September 2023

Do you know what happens if we bring together creative, innovative, motivated people, and above all, people who make the difference, in a “castells” group like Colla Jove Xiquets de Tarragona?
A few weeks ago, we went to practice this wonderful activity in Tarragona, with the Colla Jove Xiquets de Tarragona and we experienced the importance of being part of an awesome team, effective communication, attitude and learning that there are no limits when we all join with a common goal and that together we can overcome any challenge.
Thank you all for this unforgettable learning experience and for reminding us that we can build “castells” in our lives to reach new heights together!

Our Programs

KATOEN NATIE UNIVERSITY has the commitment to support our management trainees, so that they can succeed in their roles, team’s collaboration, and also potentially evolve up to next generation of business drivers within Katoen Natie Petrochemicals.
KTNU and Bauer College of Business Executive Education have partnered to deliver an immersive, customized program on topics related to excelling in leadership with direct application to Katoen Natie’s mission, vision, and values.

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20 September 2023
Katoen Natie University in its 5th year anniversary!
20 September 2023
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