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MBE* – Management in Business Excellence Program

KTNU and Bauer College of Business Executive Education have partnered to deliver an immersive, customized program on topics related to excelling in leadership with direct application to Katoen Natie’s mission, vision, and values. Participants have the opportunity to apply their learning and see their learning investment turn into results.

Our first graduating class in 2019 was comprised of leaders in the Petrochemicals Business Unit that were located near Houston. In 2020, we were able to include leaders also from Supply Chain Engineering, Specialty Chemicals, and J-Tec Engineering. We also began offering our classes in high-flex, allowing participants the choice of joining the class face-to-face or online.

During our third cohort in 2022, participants not only attended classes given by world class instructors, but also applied their knowledge to a project. This projects aimed to strengthen Strategy Execution, Leadership Development, Business Acumen , Culture & Performance, Operational Excellence . Through this project, participants showed growth in their skillsets and improvement in their everyday work lives. Participants gathered in Houston to share their projects, attend their last class together, and celebrate their graduation.

We have no doubts that we will keep making the difference together! Katoen Natie values our talented people!

MBE 2019

MBE 1st Graduating Class

MBE 2020

MBE 2nd Graduating Class

MBE 2021

MBE 3rd Graduating Class

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    20 September 2023
    Katoen Natie University in its 5th year anniversary!
    20 September 2023
    Do you know what happens if we bring together creative, innovative, motivated people, and above all, people who make the difference, in a “castells” group like Colla Jove Xiquets de Tarragona?
    20 September 2023
    KATOEN NATIE UNIVERSITY at Tarragona, Spain had the mid-term projects week of the Global Business Management Program students.
    20 September 2023
    KTNU joined over 140 managers and Global Business Management Program Participants from around the world who gathered in Belgium to experience a week of learning, networking, and fun!