Celebrating Global Business Management Program’s First Graduation

15 March 2024

If One Person Grows, Katoen Natie Grows!

Katoen Natie University’s Global Business Management Program celebrates our very first cohort graduation!

After two years of dedicated effort and extensive learning, our participants have successfully completed the program! As you scroll through the pictures capturing moments of laughter, joy, and success, you’ll witness the culmination of their hard work and determination!

They’re not just graduates; they’re the driving force behind our terminals, holding key positions that steer our company towards greater heights. They’re the mentors, guiding and inspiring the upcoming cohorts as they embark on their own journeys.

We couldn’t be happier of their achievements, and we’re eagerly anticipating the incredible contributions they’ll make as they continue to grow and excel in their

Our Programs

KATOEN NATIE UNIVERSITY has the commitment to support our management trainees, so that they can succeed in their roles, team’s collaboration, and also potentially evolve up to next generation of business drivers within Katoen Natie Petrochemicals.
KTNU and Bauer College of Business Executive Education have partnered to deliver an immersive, customized program on topics related to excelling in leadership with direct application to Katoen Natie’s mission, vision, and values.

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